Cherry MX Blue Switch

Product Description

The Cherry MX Blue stands as a timeless clicky switch. Engineered with a "clickjacket", it delivers a gratifying audible click with every press, along with a gentle tactile sensation for those seeking a bit of feedback. Boasting a 60g actuation force, these switches are relatively firm in the Cherry lineup. They also feature a slightly extended pre-travel compared to most Cherry MX switches, though it's challenging to discern any noticeable difference during regular use. Cherry MX Blues support 3mm LEDs and have a durability rating exceeding 50 million actuations.

Manufacturer: Cherry
Type: Clicky
Actuation: 60g
Bottom Out: n/a
Pre Travel: 2.2mm
Travel: 4mm
Mounting: Plate(3-Pin)

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches

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