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Product Description

Introducing the Elite-Pi, the latest iteration in the "Elite" microcontroller series. Building upon the well-loved features of the Elite-C, the new Pi variant is powered by the RP2040 controller, offering increased flash memory, simplified flashing, and a more budget-friendly price point.

Mid-mount USB Type-C
Total of 25 I/O Pins (7 more than the Pro Micro)
On-board reset button
1.6mm thick PCB for a slimmer profile

What's included
Elite-Pi Controller
2x 12-pin headers
1x 5-pin header

Compatible with Pro Micro-based PCBs

Socket type
Mid-mount USB Type C

Length - 33.88mm
Width - 18.59mm
Height - 3.21mm

MCU Specifications (RP2040)
Voltage - 5V
Clock speed - 133 MHz
Digital I/O pins - 25
RAM - 260 KB
Program memory - 2MB
Bootloader - UF2

Firmware support

Useful links
QMK Toolbox
QMK Configurator
VIA Firmware
VIA Configurator

Soldering required

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