Kailh Choc Low Profile Pro Pink Switch

Product Description

The Kailh Choc Pro Pink switches are ultra-light Low Profile switches, requiring a mere 20g of actuation force. They offer minimal resistance upon actuation, ideal for those seeking an exceptionally soft typing feel. These switches feature a clear ABS top housing and a grey nylon bottom.

Note: These switches are not compatible with MX PCBs or Keycaps.

Manufacturer: Kailh
Type: Linear
Actuation: 20g
Bottom Out: N/A
Pre Travel: 1.5mm
Travel: 3mm
Mounting: Low Profile

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches

The Pink switch is a recolour of the Light Blue (gChoc) switch. The light blue (gChoc) switch is no longer being manufactured.

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