Kailh Choc Low Profile White Switch

Product Description

The Kailh Low Profile Choc White switches present a sleek, lower-profile alternative to the traditional clicky MX switches. Offering a sound and feel reminiscent of Kailh Box Whites, these V1 Choc Whites feature a lower actuation force and reduced travel distance due to their low-profile design. Remarkably, despite their compact format, these switches maintain a durability rating of over 50 million cycles.

Note: These switches are not compatible with MX PCBs or Keycaps.

Manufacturer: Kailh
Type: Clicky
Actuation: 50g
Bottom Out: N/A
Pre Travel: 1.5mm
Travel: 3mm
Mounting: Low Profile

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches

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