Nice!Nano Wireless Controller

Product Description

Introducing the nice!nano v2, a Pro-micro-based controller alternative that enables wireless Bluetooth connectivity without excessive battery drain. Its slim, low-profile design ensures your keyboard maintains a sleek and professional appearance, even when powered by a battery.

BLE Bluetooth connection (Ultra-low power usage)
Mid-mount USB Type-C
Total of 21 I/O Pins (3 more than the Pro Micro)
1.6mm thick PCB for a slimmer profile

What's included
Nice!nano v2 Controller
2x 12-pin headers
1x 3-pin header

Compatible with Pro Micro-based PCBs

Socket type
Mid-mount USB Type C

Length - 34.1mm
Width - 18.3mm
Height - 3.3mm

MCU Specifications (Nordic nRF52840)
Voltage - 5V
Clock speed - 64 MHz
Digital I/O pins - 25
RAM - 256 KB
Program memory - 1MB
Bootloader - Adafruit

Firmware support

Useful links
VIA Firmware
VIA Configurator

Soldering required

The nice!nano will NOT work with the Gherkin or Helix unless you leave the RAW pin disconnected from the board.

For split builds, you will need to purchase 2 nice!nanos. Due to limitations/restrictions, the nice!nano doesn’t play nice with other micro-controllers.

Requires a 3.7v lithium rechargeable battery. We recommend this Battery as it fits under the header pins.

DO NOT use the nice!nano with TRRS cables, this can result in breaking the controller(s).

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