Product Description

This ready-to-use Sofle MX hot-swap keyboard build is pre-assembled and set for immediate use.

Key Features:

  • Assembled by our expert in-house team.
  • Choose from Gateron G-Pro 3.0 Yellow (Linear), Gateron G-Pro 3.0 Brown (Tactile), or Gateron G-Pro 3.0 Blue (Clicky) switches.
  • Equipped with XDA ABS printed keycaps.
  • Includes an FR4 black plate case.
  • Rotary encoders and OLED screens installed.

Additional Specifications:

  • RP2040 USB-C controllers.
  • TRRS cable provided.

Only a USB-C cable is needed to start using your keyboard right away*. The keyboard is pre-flashed for your convenience.

*Note: USB-C to USB-C cables are typically not compatible with most custom keyboards.


Customer Reviews

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Michael Davies
Well built keyboard

A well-constructed split keyboard. The preassembled kit features pleasant keys that strike a balance between quiet operation and satisfying resistance. It includes everything you need except a USB cable, allowing for immediate use.

The after-sales support team is also very responsive to inquiries and offers great assistance.

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